Monday, October 23, 2006

Sales 'aint got nothing on Uncle Sam

I believe most people's political philosophy can largely be ascertained by knowing which form of bureaucracy they believe to be less stultifying and corrupt: the corporate or the governmental.

I don't intend to weigh in on this today (there are plenty of great examples on both sides), except to say when it comes to changing the goals midstream, the corporation (represented here) 'aint got nothing on Uncle Sam.

In case you missed it, the Bush administration has announced a slight revision to the original 1992 goals for the adoption of alternative transportation fuels. (If the article doesn't load at first in Firefox, try refreshing.)

I would love be in the board meeting that starts out like this:

"There's one piece of bad news and two pieces of good news. We aren't going to make our plan, but we only missed by 92% and we'll be back on track in just 20 extra years."


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